May 12, 2011

Where has the time gone !!!!!!

It seems like ages since I actually wrote something on my blog !!!!! That is because it has been ages. Lots of things have been happening.   After 18 months of having our shop in Daylesford we decided to close the doors as it was just far to much work for us to handle. It was a lovley shop but the center we where in was not working for any of the retail shops in it and we just didn't have the time and energy to put the work in which was needed and may not have changed the situation over their.  So all the stock was transferred back to the Woodend shop which is turning 6 on June 4th.  Woodend is running extremly well and was very busy over Easter. I have some wonderful staff so I'm not in their as much as I used to be so really enjoy the days I do work. We have just started stocking the very popular Yankee Candles. Beautiful smells always bring back happy memories for me and the Yankee Candles can make you believe that you are actually coooking in the kitchen caramel as the caramel candles have the strongest smell. We even have one called Baby Powder which brings back all those happy mum moments with the kids as babies.  You must come in and smell them as you will not be able to leave without purchasing some.