Oct 24, 2010

Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Just noticed the time and this time next week we would have just opened the 5th Woodend Teddy Bear Show !!!!   I have exactly one week to get everything finished. Collect vases , flowers, decorative butterflies for the stage decoration. Design and collect all the stock for my own table this year. Bought the most beautiful crushed brown velvet fabric at Spotlight for my table. This will be the first year I have actually time on my own table to make it nice. Sue has everything under control for the competition so that part is easy. Tables booked to arrive Friday, Schatazi's Dinner saturday night booked, Kyneton Brass Band booked just pray the weather is sunny. All advertising scheduled to appear in all local papers this week for last minute promotion. Nadine and Sue appeared on 100.7 FM breakfast radio talk back. They did a fantastic job for 30 minutes talking about the Show. Just have to map out a floor plan of who is where and pray like mad for good weather.
Now I'm off to work in Woodend shop today.


  1. I hope the show goes well, Kerri! Wish I could be there to check it out. Fingers are crossed for good weather.

  2. It all sounds very exciting Kerri, wish I had known about those two being on the radio, would have tuned in. I'm just about ready, see you Friday afternoon.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears


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